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You've found me. In case you're wondering about the significance of "alienus kairos" in my blog name, "alienus" is Latin for "strange" and "kairos" is Greek for "timing" or "knowing when". I adopted the name of "Nolens Volens" (Latin for "whether willing or not") to reflect the nature of my life that keeps having frequent occurances of strange timing. This also can mean that you are reading the contents of my blog, whether willing or unwilling. I don't consider myself to be an enigma - it's up to people to get to know me better...or not. I am too well-known in the social and public circles (same thing for my wife) to truly express myself. Hence, the need for the existence of Nolens Volens. You may call me...NV. (Thank you, GDH...for the banner!)

Please...feel free to play with my balls ;)

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Monday, January 2, 2012

I am moving!

When I got ready to set up camp on Blogger back in June '08, I made several attempts to set up a Blogger address (someone took "nolensvolens" but never did anything with it), I settled on "alienus-kairos" as the address. I never expected that to be quite problematic for others. More on this later.

I stopped in early '11 for what I thought would be a brief spell when a board of directors asked me to step in and take over as a director. I knew what I was stepping into, but I didn't realize that the spell would turn into one long sporadic break.

When summer rolled around, I developed a serious case of FIA (Fuck It Attitude) because the job had turned into a major clusterfuck and I wasn't able to log into Blogger much anymore. I no longer felt in tune with fellow bloggers. I even stopped chatting with other bloggers.

Then came along autumn. Things were starting to pick up when school resumed. The burden did not ease up like I thought it would. I fell behind on the job, feeling overburdened.

You know the saying, "If you want to get things done, you ask the busiest person you know." The punchline? I'm the busiest person, so who do I ask? :(

I decided to step back and do an introspective on me. I realized that when I was blogging often, my life was in order. I was on top of things and I always got the job done. I never felt like there was too much going on. I decided to take back my life by getting back into Blogger.

Boom. That was what I needed, but the damage was done - so many of the bloggers I used to chat with on a regular basis were either not around anymore or had moved on without me. I understood that I would have to re-build myself back up and I am okay with that.

What a better way to rebuild myself back up than to register a new address that's easy to remember? The new blog address is nolensvolens08 (just like my gmail address) and I will leave the old blog up for posterity. The old blog will be "locked down" in terms of comments - you will NOT be able to leave comments on the old blog anymore. You are welcome to e-mail me to let me know what you think of the old blog.

One final note - I was surprised to get an email from The Late Phoenix, asking me if I would help keep HNT going. After speaking with two friends who agreed to help me, I will create a multi-faceted platform for everyone who would like to keep doing HNT. I promise you that this WILL be sex-positive. I will not allow any drama and I will not discriminate at all.

I will make an announcement about the new platform on my new blog very shortly. Please update your bloglist (change the address to nolensvolens08) so you can be up to speed on my new blog.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Osbasso & HNT...what now?

Osbasso announced that HNT would not be continued.  I can't blame him...it had been around since '05 and that's very impressive.  Really damn impressive.  I do realize that the concept behind Half-Nekkid Thursday has evolved beyond what Osbasso had originally envisioned.

I spoke with Osbasso last night about HNT.  He said if people want to keep doing their HNT, that is fine with him.  He said, "As an organized thing, it's over." 

Why is HNT so damn popular?  There's no "one size fits all" answer - people do HNT for sexual gratification, art, inspiration, thrill of participating, curiosity, dares, and whatnot.  I think HNT is a good thing because it allowed people to express themselves sexually. 

If I had never heard of...wait, let me rephrase this.  If a friend hadn't told me about HNT (when she could easily have not at all), I would never have been able to use HNT to truly explore who I am.  Granted, I do HNT behind the mask of anonymity...as do most of HNT'ers. There's no way in Hell that I could have done it if people actually knew who I am. 

Why?  I wasn't sure of myself.  I even asked in a post 3 years ago if anyone was interested in seeing naked pictures.  I had no problem with complete strangers seeing my cock, but friends?  My own IRL (in real life) friends?  I had told very few friends about my blog when I started out and I was very nervous about baring all.  I was blown away by the support I got via comments, e-mail, and IRL.

I took the plunge and know what I discovered?  A new-found sense of self-acceptance.  I felt better about who I am.  I used to doubt the sincerity of praises heaped on me by people.  I used to be shy about talking to people on chat.  No more.  When someone tells me that I have a beautiful cock, I believe that.  When someone says I am handsome, I believe that.  You get the idea.

So, what now?  I am saying to you, "Keep taking pictures and keep sharing with the world!" 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas HNT

I didn't realize that the HNT theme started this week. Took this picture in between errands...today...and I wasn't alone. I whipped my pants down, pulled my shirt up, and managed to snap this photo without anyone noticing what I did. ;) Sorry, no click-thru...maybe next time!

Shh...I decided to throw in a clearer picture for you...

Follow me on FaceBook!

I even created a secret group in my FB account - few days ago.  The secret group is for the members to share sex-positive news, links, and pictures.  I plan to re-introduce the series in the FB group along with new series as well.  In fact, I started a new photo album called "The Robe Series". 

If you are interested in joining the group, all you have to do is add me on FaceBook and/or message me in FB, asking to be put in the group. Remember, other members can see who you are in the group so be sure to use the correct FB account when you want to join. 

As for the erotica that I talked about in the last post, my friend suddenly stopped collaborating with me...citing workload issues.  I asked her if she is genuinely interested in starting up again and she said she has thought about writing with me again.  I will go ahead and publish the 4 completed erotica stories, most likely during the week leading up to Christmas.  Why?  'Tis the season for giving.  ;)

Monday, October 3, 2011

New update on yours truly and the blog

An old friend popped back into my life right after Labor Weekend...after a very intermittent contact with her for about 5 years and she hesitatingly gave me a request.  She wanted me to help her with something that I hadn't anticipated.  Not after 6 years of nothing between her and me.

The request?  She wanted to do write erotica with me so she could go home to her partner with a revved up sex drive.  In other words, she wanted to get wet and stay wet throughout the day while we took turns writing erotica.

What is so unusual about that?  She and I used to drive each other crazy with erotica and dares when I worked there with her.  Our stations were just 12 feet apart from each other; so it was wild and exciting every day, not knowing what she had in store for me and vice versa.

All of this happened before I left for another job...before she divorced her husband and eventually married her current partner.  When she rediscovered her sexual orientation and realized her affinity for women...just like that, everything screeched to a halt.  She felt that all of that wasn't necessary anymore because she was busy exploring her new sexuality and she found a new partner shortly after.

Of course, I felt rejected...I'll admit that I wasn't happy, but I was not going to interfere with her happiness.  Our contact became intermittent after because I didn't want her to feel obligated to talk to me in "suggestive ways" like we used to in the past. She appreciated that and we would run into each other at the parties (we have a mutual friend) and we would talk at the parties.

She tried to do some erotica with others, but that failed because nobody "knows me like you do and you know me very well" (her words). I decided to honor her request just to see what happens.  Until she got sick around September 21st, we had been taking turns writing erotica (she had a brilliant idea of writing two at a time to keep our creative juices flowing, if you'll pardon the pun).

It was as if we picked up right where we had stopped.  She couldn't get enough of our erotica - she would keep it going after she left work for the day.  She confessed to me she would become so aroused by our erotica that she would sneak in some "self-time" (even at work) and she would attack her partner whenever possible. She also confessed to me that she has grown tired of being the Alpha in the relationship and would like for me to take control from time to time.

So, our writing collaboration has been placed on hold while she recuperates from her illness.  She should recover some time this week and she is looking forward to taking turns again.  I have been stockpiling our erotica (with her expressed permission for me to publish).  She insisted that we both write as a woman in our first two erotic stories...before she surprised me again by encouraging me to write as a man and having my own point of view.

Right now, the count is 4 completed erotic stories with 2 unfinished stories (there'll be more on the way!).  You will need to get a towel and be sitting on it when you start reading the erotica, starting next week.  If the authors can develop wet spots on their own, you'll want to have your protection.  ;) 

As for my blog, I haven't been able to line up HNT shoots with my two photographer friends and I hate doing the HNTs by myself because I can't see what I am doing - that was a real pain in the ass to check the photo to make sure it was done the way I wanted it... or have to re-shoot to get the desired effect.  One friend is willing, but never seems to have the right time and the other friend is just too busy.

I have noticed a serious decline in the number of HNT participants.  Maybe we shouldn't call them HNT anymore - some bloggers have complained that the original point of HNT has been corrupted too much.  I understand because HNT was called "Half Nekkid Thursday" and some of us started going overboard ("mea culpa").  I think we all should look the pictures as "expressing one's self sexually in an artistic way" instead.  I have an idea for a new series, aimed at those who have a fetish for a certain look on men (I'm not telling!).  Who knows...I may even revive some of the old series.  ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wow! I need to trim that off!

I decided to take a look at it after not doing any maintenance work for so long.  No idea when was the last time I trimmed.

I took a look and counted.  85 total.  Hmm...a bit excessive.

I checked thoroughly for any inactive or dead ones.  Removed all.

Re-assessed for a new total...63 now.  Take a look below - I put in a click-thru to preserve the NSFW protocol.

~clicky click~

What? You thought I was going to show you my cock or something?  Pervs!  ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

What has changed this year?

As you have previously read, my wife and I have dabbled in swinging occasionally. The problem was, it never felt right to us to call what we do "swinging".

One night early this year, we were watching a documentary on TV about polyamory. The documentary focused on more than two people living together in a loving and intimate environment. That, wasn't what triggered the "Eureka!" moment.

What did trigger it was when we looked at each other after breaking for commercials and the conversation went like this:
Wife: "I like that, polyamory. That's more like us than us being swingers."
Me: "Polyamory makes sense since we don't meet with other people for sex. We love the intimacy and sharing that with others."
Her: "Yes, that's it! We like to share. Yes."
Me: "That's it then. We are not swingers, but we are polyamorists." She giggled at that.

Newsweek did an article on polyamory two years ago and even coined the "ethical nonmonogamy" term - engaging in a loving, intimate relationship with more than one person, based on knowledge and consent of everyone involved. Now that does sound like us!

We may not be openly polyamorous or allow others to reside with us, but this allows us to enjoy intimate and loving relationships with others...without the distraction of or dealing with jealousy of others who are not included. We are, and always have been, very selective with who we choose to have intimate relationships with.

Some people have asked us how we deal with jealousy on our part, and my answer is always "We don't get jealous because we both agree on who we want to share the intimacy with." Another question we get asked is "How do you choose who?" and our answer is "Slowly and with deliberate consideration."

That would explain why we didn't seem to "swing much at all" if you were to look at our history. We decided to try swinging around 2004 at a friend's encouragement and we have had swinging experiences with just two couples and a woman since then. We were averaging one experience every two years. We didn't like how most swingers couldn't deal with our snail's pace or how some of them seemed to care about sex only. I even had one male swinger say to me, "We come over, I have fun with the woman, and you have fun with CJ. You better make my baby happy." Uh...have fun with..."the woman"? Hello? Do you even know...my wife's name or do you even care?

Hence, the "Eureka!" moment. It fits us perfectly...after all, we are polyamorists. ;) I may have to create a FAQ...please feel free to e-mail me or post comments.

Monday, July 18, 2011

One step at a time...

Oh boy.  What a night I had.  Quite the price to pay for that night, and I am more than glad to pay.

I went to a bar with my wife to hang out with other friends and acquaintances.  We were celebrating the birthdays of the month and we were not only looking forward to mingling with them, but with our potential playmates.

Wait.  Let me back that up.

My wife and I have known them a long while, but it wasn't until recently that things started to get interesting between all four of us.  I had an instinct about something so I said certain words in a certain way to the woman.  She admitted that she was attracted to both of us and had talked to her boyfriend about us.  He was into the idea as well.

Well, well...how about that?  I let my wife know and my wife got very excited because she was attracted to them as well.  She felt good about them and told me that we should make plans to include them.

After some conversations and figuring out the logistics some time later, we all agreed that the bar would be an ideal place for all of us to get a feel for the situation.  Funny thing was, none of us touched each other while we were at the bar even when I got some attention from two women.  Both danced with me and both felt me up. 

Man, was I feeling sexy.  Felt nice to know that I was being desired by a drunk friend and my wife before the night was over.  ;)

The bar got very crowded as the night wore on.  The couple would chat with us on and off while I chatted with others and fought the drunks for my space at the bar.  The couple did an excellent job of not letting others pick up on their interest in us.  Soon it was time to leave.

We piled into their car to go get our car, with the boyfriend driving and the rest of us in the back seat.  He knew what was going to happen back there and he was fine with that.  We sandwiched her in the back (me on her left) because we knew she would want that.  She was a bit hesitant with her left hand on my leg.  I noticed that so I made sure I was friendly but calm with my touches.  She appreciated that.

My wife?  Not so much...she was more hands-on with her.  That kind of attention from my wife encouraged the woman to reach over to her left further more...until she felt my erection through my shorts.  She asked my wife in a kind of surprise tone if that is really all of me.  My wife leaned over and confirmed the length and thickness of me.  The woman thought about sticking her hand into my baggy shorts, but we arrived at the location of our car.

After we got to our car, I loaded their address into my GPS app and took off for their place.  When they arrived, the tension was palpable.  I knew if we jumped right into it, she wouldn't be ready for that at all.  My wife took cues from me and held back.  She offered to make us drinks.  I chimed in with ice water, my wife a beer, and her boyfriend didn't want anything.

I took the opportunity to look over their place.  Heavy on gaming with some DVDs and some books.  The style was a mix of bachelor pad and feminine touches.  Not bad at all.

We talked for a while.  Then my wife made a move on her.  I knew they would like some time to themselves so I engaged the boyfriend in movie discussions.  Once in a while, I would look over to see how they were doing.  The woman ended up being astride on my wife's lap and they were feeling each other up, kissing and fondling.

Few minutes later, a movement caught my eye.  My wife had pushed her hands under the woman's skirt and had moved her hands up high enough for me to catch a glimpse of her thong-clad ass.  It was hard to concentrate and the boyfriend looked over to see what was distracting me.  He grinned at me and asked me to continue.

They then came over to us and they sat across from each other on the floor while we sat on the couches.  They continued to touch and explore each other, so I focused on them.  It wasn't long before they wanted more from each other.  My wife leaned in and kissed her.  She let her hands move down...over the woman's breasts...down...further down...and found the woman's crotch.

She opened her legs to my wife unquestioningly.  My wife broke the seal of the kiss to look down and she slipped her finger under the thong...two fingers...the woman closed her eyes and leaned her head back into her boyfriend.  I stayed exactly where I was.  My wife trailed her kisses from the neck down to the breasts, to the belly...my wife adjusted her legs a bit to allow her to lean further down...and pulled the crotch cover aside.

I was dying to see the exposed pussy, but I knew I would have plenty of time.  I rubbed my wife's back to let her know I was with her every touch, kiss, and lick of the way.  My wife slipped a finger inside the woman's pussy...played around a little before withdrawing her finger to help prolong the torture of the pleasure denial.

My wife leaned in and the woman leaned in to kiss some more and while in embrace with each other, the woman's hand found mine and we locked fingers together.  I looked into her eyes and she looked back at me unflinchingly.  I did not nod at her or smile at her...rather, I looked at her in an understanding but serene way and she received that message from me.  She buried her face in my wife's neck.  My wife wanted more, so she leaned the woman back against the couch.

One finger slipped back inside again, working out the sensitive areas...two fingers.  My wife shifted and I suddenly had a clear view of the woman's pussy.  Magnificent sight...I temporarily forgot to keep rubbing my wife's back.  My wife sucked on the thumb of her other hand and used it on the woman's clit.  I started rubbing her back again.  Then she grew tired of the thong getting in the way and removed it from the woman's body before resuming.

That woman never wanted that to end!  My wife played with her pussy for over 30 minutes while we watched from the couch.  The woman leaned back and pulled her boyfriend off the couch and then she asked my wife to stop so she could reciprocate.  My wife motioned for me to come down and be her pillow.  I got in position so she could lean back and enjoy what was going to come. 

Not yet...the woman unbuttoned my wife's pants...pulled them off...tried to pull the panties aside, but my wife told her to pull the panties off too.  I was turned on by seeing the woman undress my wife.  I massaged my wife's head, knowing that would soothe her and help her get into the sex.  The woman explored my wife's pussy, touching, kissing, and licking her way...

The woman hesitated at times, unsure what to do but my wife assured her and encouraged her to keep going.  I noticed that her boyfriend was now under her pussy, eating her out while she was eating my wife's pussy.  My wife looked at me and commanded me to get naked now.

I shifted out from under and stood up.  I took my time to undress so the woman would not miss any of that.  I caught her looking at me, waiting to get a glimpse of me.  That pleased me enormously.  I took my shorts off and tossed them over the couch arm.  I made sure to not get down on the floor quickly so she could take in every moment.

My wife grabbed hold of my cock and stroked it while the woman continued to eat her pussy out.  I saw the boyfriend get up and he was already naked.  He tried to position himself behind her, but her body was too low and she was too interested in my wife's pussy.  He touched and played with her everywhere.  I stayed where I was, occasionally pinching and tweaking my wife's nipples while she gripped and stroked my cock.

Then the woman stopped and asked if I could take care of my wife.  I gladly took over and with just two fingers, I made my wife climax twice in 5 minutes.  The woman was amazed by my familiarity with my wife's pussy and she turned to her boyfriend.  I looked at my wife to see if she would go for a third one and I looked back to see if...but they were already fucking long and intensely.

So damn...erotic and intensely hot...to watch them fuck.  I leaned in and licked my wife's pussy, right where the woman's mouth was just few minutes ago.  It was too much for me - I had to have my wife right there and then.  I fucked my wife slow, fast, short, long, "lefty" (leaning on left elbow), "righty", fast...  Fuck...I could feel the cramp building in my left hip.  I tried to ignore it...go slow...fast...fuck, that cramp was breaking my concentration.

I stopped and apologized to my wife, explaining what was going on.  I looked over and they had stopped fucking long enough to watch us fuck.  The woman asked me if I was okay and I said I was.  I told them to go on and they started fucking again.  We watched them fuck for a little while longer.  She was unable to climax and felt bad about it.  We told her not to worry about it.

I did not bother to get dressed.  Why should I nor anyone else after all that had happened?  We talked for a little while.  We finally left just before 5 am.  Aw fuck, I had not stayed up this late in many years. 

She asked me few days later why I had not done anything with her and I told her I didn't want her to feel pressured into anything or feel obligated to do anything with me.  I knew it was the ladies' time and I knew I would get to have my turn with her another time. One step at a time...

I will post another if we have another time with them and...based on our subsequent chats since then, there will be.  ;)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retro memories #1

When I read about Topaz Gemology's post, it took me back to my youth.  Please click on her post to read about it before reading the rest of my post.

I was about 17 years old at the time. So young, arrogant, and...invincible. Those factors helped me get my window experience.  No way I could have pulled that off if I wasn't so full of myself.

My dad was dating this woman who was about 27.  She was lithe, toned, and well-tanned.  I couldn't stop looking at her and they both knew it.

We were all watching a baseball game when my dad let me know they were going to watch something else on another TV.  I knew what was going to happen.  There was only one other TV in the house and it was in his bedroom.  I told him if they weren't watching a baseball game, I could put in a recently recorded episode of "Hardcastle and McCormick".  Anyone remember that TV show?  LOL

I had no intention of watching that episode because I knew they were gonna do something in the bedroom.  I watched them go into the bedroom and close the bedroom door.  I put the tape in and I let it play for about 10 minutes before I made my move.  I got up, went to the back door, and slowly opened it so it wouldn't make any noise.  I closed it slowly and crept out into the backyard.  Made my way across the backyard, back to the corner of the house where my father's bedroom was.

My heart was thumping hard...this was in broad daylight and the neighbors could see me sneaking around if they looked out from the back of their houses.   While crouching down, I peeked into the window facing the backyard directly.  Made sure to peek from the side instead from below so I couldn't be seen.  Fuck, the curtain was drawn on that one.  I ducked back down and I made my way to the adjoining window on the corner that was directly facing my neighbor's backyard.

Jackpot...the curtain wasn't drawn on that one.  The wall with the unobstructed window was the wall with my father's bed up against it, giving me the vantage point with very little chance of getting caught by either the woman or my dad.  They would have to look up and behind in order to see me.

I stood up slowly, taking care to look in from the side so I couldn't be seen.  When I peeked in, there she was...laying on my father's bed, naked.  HOLY SHIT!  My father was out of view.  I immediately took my shorts down to get my super-hard cock out and I started stroking it.  My heart was pounding so hard that it seemed like it could be heard for miles around. 

Her breasts were framed by a triangle of white skin from sunbathing with a bikini and they were small, just the way I like them.  Her nipples were dark brown, clearly aroused and hard.  I let my eyes wander down from her white breasts to her black trimmed pussy.  I was transfixed by her body...absent-mindedly stroking my cock.

Then a hand appeared in my view, breaking my trance.  I watched it go to her pussy.  Then a finger disappeared into the folds of her magnificent pussy.  I started masturbating faster as I watched her pussy get stimulated.  Oh fuck, it was too much for me...

I came suddenly and I bit my lower lip to stop myself from groaning as I ejaculated against the house.

The sheer power of my climax and the thrill of voyeurism threatened to blind me.  I put my free hand on the wall to steady me and I paused to catch my breath and wait for the sudden blindness to pass.  When the sight returned, I looked back into the bedroom and I saw her push his hand away.  She rolled over to her side and she started to get up to straddle my father.

I ducked suddenly before she could see me and I realized I was still naked.  I pulled up my shorts and I looked back at the neighbor's house to see if anyone had spotted me.  No, nobody had.  Trembling and flushed with my experience, I reached the back door after what seemed like ages.  I remembered to be careful with the door and after getting back inside the house, I checked myself for appearance.  No mess, everything looked okay. 

I sat down in front of the TV and about 10 minutes later, they came out of the bedroom.  Neither one of them gave any indication of knowing what had happened in the backyard.  Never looked at her the same way again and I masturbated for two weeks straight, thinking about her.  

Voyeurism remain my biggest thrill because of that experience.